‘The Pint of No Return’- what does Britain really think about the government’s new drinking guidelines?

“If you take 1,000 women, 110 will get breast cancer without drinking. Drink up to these guidelines and an extra 20 women will get cancer because of that drinking.”

Yikes. New government research into drinking has recommended that men and women should drink no more than 14 units of alcohol per week. That’s the equivalent of six pints of average strength beer, or seven glasses of wine.

The last time that the UK drinking guidelines were updated was in 1995, at which time the links between alcohol and cancer and heart disease weren’t very well known. Research for the new guidelines began in 2013, and it has uncovered alarming findings, most notably that the risks from alcohol start from any level of regular drinking, and only increase with the amount of alcohol consumed. The new guidelines are set at a level to keep the risk of diseases such as cancer at a “low” level. 

Taking a break from vilifying immigrants, infamous bigot Nigel Farage has used this opportunity to call for a mass protest against the new guidelines, in the form of a mass drink-up. “I think what we ought to do is have a mass protest against this form of nannying and we should all come out at lunch and have a glass of something”, he told LBC Radio, instantly turning masses of non-racists to sobriety.

To find out more, I went to the pub.


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